Podcast: Dogma Debate

Shortly after I left my faith, I was desperate for the conversations I could no longer have. When I was in the Church, there was no end to the philosophical and theological discussions. But when I became an atheist, those wells dried up. Religion became a banned topic with my parents, with whom I used to enjoy weekly discussions. Before I found the humanist group, there were very few people who I could converse with, and my wife especially I feel was getting tired of my rants.

So I began listening to podcasts. While doing a search for christian apologetic discussions, I found Dogma Debate on itunes. Here was a show that was focused on the topics I was interested. Religion, politics and science.

David Smalley, and other hosts tackles news that relates to humanism and freedom from religion. Cara Santa Maria does a regular science segment, and the debate part comes in because they often have christian guests ranging from priests, pastors, to apologists, and rainy day Christians. The conversations are civil, and they use family friendly language on the show.

With show times ranging from 2-5 hrs in length, they can be tough at times to listen all the way through. But if you are fortunate like me to be able to use headphones at work, or on long bike rides, this makes for a great show to get sucked into.

You can listen live, Wednesdays at 5 pm PST through their website,  iHeart Radio, Spreaker, or download the podcast version through itunes and Stitcher.

Seek the truth and free your mind, at Dogma Debate.


David Grim

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