Humanism in Action

Yesterday saw our second Habitat for Humanity build of 2015. Our first took place in February where we did some cleanup and installed some siding on the second house. Now, nearly 7 months later there are 4 houses on this lot with construction primarily taking place on houses 3 and 4.


Digging that Trench


Relocating Rocks

Most of our work took place playing in the dirt. As we are approaching the rainy season, we were doing a lot of work in preparation of the yet to come downpours. This meant we were covering dirt piles and filling sand bags. We also dug a drainage trench between houses 3 and 4 to prevent rain from washing out the scaffolding.


Covering dirt


Filling Sandbags

After that they had us separating and relocating rocks for use later. By lunch time, we had already completed all the anticipated tasks for the day, and this with being a few people short in our crew. All in all it was a great day and we all worked up quite a sweat out there in the heat.


Cooling Down


Thanks to all 9 of those who were able to make it out, and show that you can be good without god. Our next project will be helping spruce up RAIN on October 3rd in Camarillo. If you missed this event make sure you sign up for the next if you can make it.


David G

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