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The Humanist Community of Ventura County does a wide range of activities:

  • Discussions Groups
  • Community Service
  • Social Activities
  • Humanist Education
  • Activism
  • Fundraising

Below is a description of activities of The Humanist Community of Ventura.

Discussions and Socials

Religious Traditions Discussions

You can “come out” to our group at any meeting and get advice on how to deal with potential conflicts with friends and family that do not share your beliefs. You have beliefs but they are different from traditional religions. We have members coming out of religion sharing their experience from all major religious backgrounds (Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Adventist, etc.). They enjoy their cultural traditions and their modern beliefs. We occasionally have educational forums on Humanist traditions and how many religious traditions actually come from non-religious customs.

Wednesday Night Discussion Group

We meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (next to 5 Guys Burgers) on Moorpark Road in Thousand Oaks. It is an open, free inquiry forum.

Sunday Brunch in the Park

Sunday Brunch in the Park

Sunday Brunch in the Park

We meet 10am the first Sunday of every month for a potluck brunch discussion and sharing with play for kids and family in the park. We provide the coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water for your beverage of choice, but you bring food to share and your reusable mug or cup. This location is at the Valle Lindo Park in Camarillo where Valle Lindo & Aileen Street meet.

Rites of Passage

If you are looking to celebrate a birth, coming of age, wedding, memorial service or other significant event in a secular manner, in keeping with your Humanist beliefs, we can put you in touch with a Humanist celebrant. We can also give you ideas on how others have marked this special occasion in your life and provide support.

DSC_3566 copy - Restaurant NightDining Out Nights

These are nights out at a local restaurant for sheer enjoyment of like minded folks usually held on the last Friday night of the month (unless there is a scheduling conflict). We try new restaurants or a cuisine in a fun group atmosphere. If you have a favorite place that you want to share, see if it can accommodate groups and suggest it!

Weekend Hike & Chat

Occasionally we meet at a local trail on a Sunday morning to enjoy the beauty of nature in our area and the fun camaraderie of wonderful people.  We adjust the difficulty of the hike to crowd that shows up and the weather. These have traditionally been oriented to adults, but we are planning hikes for little tikes and the like!

Quarterly Potluck Seasonal Socials

Like our regular potlucks but special. These are held to coincide with the seasons (winter/summer solstice & spring/autumn equinox) to celebrate our place on the planet and take the seasonal holidays back to the more natural origins in harmony with the earth. We are free to borrow traditions or make up our own. At the end of the year it is a big solstice celebration.

DSC_3799PokerAdjPoker & Game Nights

These are game nights at someone’s home, where 50% of the pot goes to support the Humanist Community and you can share a beer and your thoughts in confidence, while trying to outsmart your game opponent. Bring you favorite beverages, snacks, and a little cash.

Beach Volleyball

For the physically active or those that want to be, we meet at a local beach and see how much fun we can have while getting sand between our toes. Want to get a game started?

Community Service

Habitat For Humanity

Humanists volunteer Habitat for Humanity

We volunteer for the Restore, Home Building days & Preserve a Home days, working alongside faith-based groups. Doing good for goodness sake.

Sunday Assembly Los Angeles

We have provided volunteers to help this international movement take hold in Los Angeles and have an ongoing relationship with this AHA chapter.

Conejo Valley Days

We provide CVD with management and volunteer services that have benefited numerous local charities and agencies.

Hillside Conservancy, Beach Cleanup, and Trail-building

Our environmental volunteerism has helped numerous groups make our communities cleaner, more beautiful, & more conducive to a sustainable world. We only have one world, let’s take care of it.

Save the Children Foodbank

It is one thing to donate food, but we organized & rearranged their warehouse inventory to help them become more efficient in their mission.

Blood Drives

We do regular blood drives, especially during the holidays when the need is greatest. There are numerous times dates and places available via United Blood Services, and you get rewarded with T-shirts, movies and ice cream for repeat donations!

Library Volunteering

We support libraries, sometimes referred to as our “Humanist Temple”.Faith-based groups have their book, but we value all books and free inquiry of the warehouse of knowledge from every souce.  We have spent many days volunteering to support libraries and their “Friends of the Library”.

S.P.Y. Safe Place for Youth

We assisted the CLU Secular Student Alliance and the Harvard Humanist Community in packing hundreds of meals for homeless youth on the Westside of LA.

Beyond Belief Network Award

The HCoVC received the very first Beyond Belief Network “Team Award” for exceptional quality and quantity of community service volunteer activities. We also received awards from BBN for our how-to presentation. These are both secular and interfaith activities.

Humanist Education

Humanism 101 Class

We have held monthly classes on the history and context of atheist, agnostic, and humanist leaders and movements, with in depth discussions of books on the subject. The goal is to establish an institutional memory and knowledge base that future generations can build upon. These are led by an advisor who has taken the more structured national program.

Children & Family Programs

Our group incorporates science for kids activities and several American Humanist Association Chapters have curricula for teaching humanistic ethics and values. The Ethical Culture societies have a 150 year tradition of secular values education and “Sunday School” programs that we can also draw from. Books on humanistic parenting are widely available too.

Recommended Reading, Video & Book exchange

We are in the process of putting together recommended reading for those that want to do independent study or need information on “how to”: raise ethical children, design a secular wedding or memorial ceremony, learn about secular confirmations, design a secular invocation for local city council meetings, and more. We will provide hyperlinks to worthy books, websites, DVDs and videos here in our “Resources” section.


Interfaith Action

By working alongside faith-based groups in volunteer activities we prove the concept that you can be “Good without God”

light the night hcovc-minStreet Fair Booths

We attend targeted street fairs to raise awareness of the humanist philosophy and that there is an active group of organized non-religious people in the area.

National Day of Reason

We successfully lobbied and passed National Day of Reason Proclamations in 2014 by several city councils and the Ventura County Supervisors, as an alternative to the National Day of Prayer.  This action brought attention to all county elected officials that 55% of the population in Ventura County do not support organized religion by attendance or financially. We ask that these official use reason to determine the best course of action for our government agencies as opposed to divine inspiration. This action also revealed discrimination and the degree of religiosity promoted by some elected officials.

Coming-out-of-Religion Support

Please see the other activities where members can share and support one another. Additionally we have either contacted government agencies (or helped our members) to inform government entities of probable church-state conflicts and provide suggested corrections.

National Backing

As a Charter Chapter of the American Humanist Association, we have the backing of a national organization and the legal team with the Louis J. Appignani Foundation, to intervene in church-state separation issues. This allows us to concentrate our efforts locally on building better communities instead of fighting church-state battles by ourselves.


Light The Night Walk

This is an annual fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LSS) via Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB).  Our team has raised thousands of dollars for LLS from the walks in Ventura and Woodland Hills. We do not handle the money directly, it goes through FBB to LLS where it has been matched by the Todd Stiefle Foundation, thereby making your donations go even further. Many employers will also match your donation to LLS.

Alzheimer’s Walk

We have raised money on this walk and stand ready to do it again.

Annual Winter Solstice Celebration

We have previously had our Winter Solstice as a completely social event, but due to popular demand we are considering building more into this event with a Silent Auction, catered dinner, and entertainment.

eBay Selling

We are set-up to sell or auction off donated goods, or allow you to sell your items on eBay’s Giving Works, with all or a percentage of that money going directly to HCoVC. Our nonprofit organization name on eBay is humcommvta. Click on humcommvta to see it! 


Your donation to HCoVC ensures that humanism and community support, based on secular ideals, is available in Ventura County.

Contact us with your suggestions for new or different activities for our members, friends and community.