We are connected with national and local humanist affiliates!

American Humanist Association – We are a charter chapter of the American Humanist Association

Foundation Beyond Belief – We are a charter chapter of the Foundation Beyond Belief. We were the first “Team of the Month” of their Beyond Belief Network due to our volunteerism and community service activity.

Secular Student Alliance – Our co-founder, Evan Clark, is the founder of California Lutheran University’s Secular Student Alliance and on the national board of the SSA. We work with all local students interested in SSA.

Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers – We support our military and the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers. Yes, there ARE “atheists in foxholes”, and agnostics, and Deists, and Humanists, and Free Thinkers. Jason Torpy President of the MAAF (also on the board of the Secular Coalition for America, and American Humanist Association) attended our early organizational meetings before we became an AHA Chapter.

Ventura Coalition of Reason– We are a founding member of the Ventura Coalition of Reason.

Sunday Assembly Los Angeles – We volunteered to get the first Sunday Assembly off the ground in California and work closely with their leaders. If you miss that traditional religious service, check this one out. Sunday Assembly Los Angeles is a new godless community that meets on the second Sunday of each month. Go to hear great talks, connect for service projects, sing songs and generally celebrate life.

Humanist Community at Harvard  – We work with the Humanist Community at Harvard and Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard. We have sponsored speakers for local engagements and had them assist with our organizational activities.

American Ethical Union – Our co-founder Paul Schmeer previously worked on various AEU national committees and was a member of the Los Angeles society. We work cooperatively with them and have access to their intellectual resources. The American Ethical Union which began in 1876, is a federation of about 25 Ethical Societies in the United States, representing the Ethical Culture movement. It is one of the founding member organizations of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.