The Humanist Community of Ventura County exists to provide a welcoming social environment for those committed to secular values and to community service.

We provide an active and meaningful community for the non-religious of Ventura County.

We stand for the principles of compassion, hope, and reason. We urge all to question, engage & inspire.

The County of Ventura California is located just northwest of Los Angeles. The majority of people here, 55%, do not support any organized religion either financially or by attendance, according to the 2013 State of the Region report from the Ventura County Civic Alliance. It’s population is approximately 836,000 (as of 2012). According to the Washington Post “Ventura County, California, is the absolute most desirable place to live in America”. Ventura County is home to many world influences. Among them: Amgen, the world’s largest biotech company, and The Kavli Foundation, a world famous organization that supports the advancement of science and the increase of public understanding and support for scientists and their work, and Patagonia Inc., a clothing company and major contributor to environmental groups. This provides a humanist-friendly environment.

The Humanist Community of Ventura County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are an official chapter of both American Humanist Association and Foundation Beyond Belief